Athens is undoubtedly one of Ohio’s best kept secrets, and its food is no different. Nestled within the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, the area serves as a cultural center for the local food movement. Featuring the largest farmer’s market in Ohio, it’s the only place you can find fresh produce offered from dozens of local farmers who understand the benefits of eating chemical-free, organic, and grass-fed food products. With some of the best tasting local food anywhere, Athens’ charm and character makes it stand out above other cities across Ohio.

My great-grandmother was a farmer for much of her life, and could recall when pesticides and chemicals first started being used on crops on a regular basis. She always said she didn’t trust the chemicals, and believed there would be long-term effects. Crazily enough, it turns out she might have been right. I like to think I’m eating the food my grandmother would have eaten, thanks to a lot of like-minded folks in Athens who worked together to create a place where local food is valued.

It’s food the way it was intended, and for that I’m thankful.

Gretchen Gregory, founder Athens Foody.com

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  1. I really like your site and especially your blog on the Athens Farmer’s market. Not many people know just how many different goods they have there.

    I am about to become a culinary professional and when I have my own restaurant I will buy from the Farmer’s Market. Not only will my produce be fresh, but it will also make our community stronger. It is also good for the environment. Think about it, if you buy local this cuts down on long deliveries from other places and saves energy.

    I look forward to your next blog.

  2. Are you still looking for contributors to this blog (read that in the comments on one of the pieces)?

    • Yes! What’s the best way to contact you? You can look for me on Facebook and message me that way, or send me your phone number and I’ll contact you. Thanks for your interest!

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